Stolen By The Hitman

A Standalone Novel

Taking her was never the plan.
Giving her up isn’t an option.

I’m a man with a certain set of strengths: brutality, precision, and the coldness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. It’s what made me an asset to the SEALS. Now, it’s what makes me an ideal killer for hire with Ruthless Corp.

But my strengths are put to the test when she comes between me and a job. It’s supposed to be easy: kill the scummy old bastard of a target, take his priceless diamond necklace as payment.

Except that’s a little hard to do, when those diamonds are locked without a key around Leah Hartley’s pretty little neck.

She’s young and innocent, with curves so goddamn tempting that my hands ache to claim her. But she’s also something else now: mine. My captive. My prisoner until I can figure this mess out.

There are forces hunting us down. They’re after the jewels and the both of us. But I’ll be damned if I give her up.

There’s a key out there for the prize around her neck. But pretty soon, I don’t give a damn about the diamonds. I already have my prize.

And she just might be the key to my broken, cold heart.

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