Broken God

Book 5 of the Savage Heirs Series

He’s my deepest damnation. And my darkest desire.

Konstantin Reznikov’s war buried me in darkness.

Four years later, he’s the one dragging me screaming from my coma.

The viciously domineering, brutal, terrifyingly gorgeous tyrant who haunts the shattered fragments of my memories. The man with dark gray eyes as cold as his dark gray soul.

I remember almost nothing from my past. But he does. Now, he owns my present, and my future.

Because Konstantin didn’t wake me up for free. He brought me out of my darkness to engulf me in his.

To own me. To trap me in a maze of twisted games and jagged thorns.

Now I’m bound to the broken god of wrath and ruin who might hold the key to my past.

Or maybe, to my unraveling.

Broken God is book 1 in a duet and not a standalone book. The completed duet is a standalone story within the Savage Heirs series, though. You do not need to have read the previous books in this series to read this duet.

This extra dark Bratva academy romance is guaranteed to leave your kindle steaming. Step into the viper’s nest of Oxford Hills Academy and meet the Savage Heirs of Bratva kings and oligarchs. Absolutely no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a happy ever after.

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