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Whether you’re a new or seasoned veteran reader of my books, this is my own personal recommended reading order.

Just about all of my books exist in the same “world” – which is to say, characters from one book or series will appear in other books and other series. Events, histories, and other drama will also have crossover between different books and series, across one big timeline.

Each individual series, duets, and standalones can absolutely be read on their own!


Bratva’s Claim series:

The Bratva’s Hostage (available for free to my VIP newsletter subscribers)

Paying The Bratva’s Debt

The Bratva’s Stolen Bride

Hunted By The Bratva Beast

His Captive Bratva Princess

Owned By The Bratva King

The Bratva’s Locked Up Love


Savage Heirs series:

Ruthless Throne (available for free to my VIP newsletter subscribers)

Savage Heir

Dark Prince

Brutal King

[Side-step break from series here to this standalone]

Capturing Christmas

[Back to the Savage Heirs series]

Forbidden Crown

Broken God

Defiant Queen


Cinder Duet:

Burned Cinder

Empire of Ash


Hunted Duet:

The Hunter King

The Hunted Queen


Next Up:
Broken Lines (October 27, 2022)
Untitled Beauty/Beast trope (Winter 2022)


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Jagger Cole likes his romance books like he likes his martinis—extra dirty, with a twist. Dad to two little princesses, King to a Queen, and bringing you the hottest romance in town.


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