Empire of Ash

Book 2 of the Cinder Duet

Be careful what you wish for, little one…

Ella came after a king, and missed.
Now I’ve trapped in her a cage with “I do” and a kiss.
The only woman to have ever brought me to my knees,
And the only girl to ever make me truly bleed.
She thinks I’m the villain of her broken fairytale,
But another hunts and haunts her, hot on her trail.
Ours is a story that started with flame,
Buried by ash and drowned in cold rain.
Run run, Cinderella, there’s no place you could linger,
No amount of soot in the world could hide my little cinder…

Empire of Ash is the second book in the two-part Cinder duet and is not a standalone. This is a dark Contemporary romance, not fantasy or a word-for-word fairytale retelling. The completed duet is a standalone story and includes a HEA.

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