The Bratva’s Hostage

Book 0 of the Bratva's Claim series

Taking her was only the beginning…

A hit gone wrong. My partner, the future King of the Kashenko Bratva, bleeding out. There’s only one choice left for me:

Kidnap the daughter of the rival mob boss, and take her as my hostage.

Now, she’s my temptingly innocent, beautifully forbidden bargaining chip.

Talia is a pretty little bird, trapped all her life in a gilded cage. Too good for me. Too young for me, too. A softness I’ve never touched. A sweetness I’ve never tasted.

We’re trapped together, and time is running out.

But the solution might be just as forbidden as she is…


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This extra-steamy novella is a *standalone* prequel to the Bratva’s Claim series. Absolutely no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a happy ever after.

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