A Standalone Novel

I should have destroyed her.
Instead, I hired her.

First, she put me on the evening news with a d- well, it rhymes with “lick” – in my mouth. No, not a real one; a mural she spray-painted on the wall of one of my buildings. Twig, berries…the whole veiny thing.

People call me a grump. A prick. “The most hated man in New York City”, which is really saying something, even if I don’t care. As the most powerful real estate developer in this city, my world is black and white.

But Ella Veers is the smear of color I never asked for, and never saw coming.

I’m a classical concerto, she’s a punk-rock anthem. Blue hair, ripped tights, and a sassy brat attitude that gets under my skin and stays there.

When I hire the tempting little vandal to paint my conference room, I tell myself it’s to sideline her vendetta against my new development. But the truth is, it’s because I crave her.

She was supposed to be my enemy.

Instead, she just might be my undoing.

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